Agropecuaria la Unión is aware of the importance of the role that sport plays as a promoter of social integration and economic development in different geographical, cultural, and political contexts.  That is why, guided by its business values, Agropecuaria promotes the development of different sport activities and traditional games in the surrounding communities, as well as internationally, contributing in this way with the multiple physical and psychological benefits that sport brings as a tool for training, social transformation, and global exchange.

Although Team Penning is a sport specific to the United States, which had its origins in the traditional ranch work of separating cattle to brand them, perform veterinary checks or transport them from one place to another, Venezuela, due to its extensive plain region, offers the ideal scenario to practice this sport, in which both female and male groups, as well as youth and children participate.

And it is precisely from the beautiful natural reserve of the Esteros de Camaguán, where Agropecuaria la Unión is located, that this family ranch stands as a global center of such an interesting and traditional equestrian sport, which attracts a multitude of practitioners and spectators. With its large experience in the livestock business and its extensive plains tradition, Agropecuaria la Unión is today the pioneer of Team Penning in the Guárico state. With the inauguration of the Don Carlos Fakenhagen western sports court in the majestic facilities of Herd Santa Rosa, this has become the most important venue to host a first-class horseback riding event at a national and international level. Traditionally, Team Penning is considered “the sport of happy families in Venezuela.”

Hacienda Santa Rosa has extensive facilities and one of the best fields in Venezuela for this discipline, so it can accommodate hundreds of attendees. On the other hand, during these events the Herd becomes the ideal place for a family outing or with friends to enjoy equestrian sports, gastronomy, and recreational activities for children. To achieve this, the Herd has the necessary organization and means to receive the competitors with due attention to both them and the horses.

The workers and organizers of these competitions always ensure that they are held in a pleasant environment, with the presence of exhibitors from the commercial area of the town and neighboring states and gastronomic fairs, in addition to equestrian experiences and children's fun plans. Translators for participants and spectators of these events are also available.It is an equestrian sport whose origins date back to 1942, in a county of California, USA, called Ventura, started by the brothers Ray and Joe Yanez, together with the Canadian cowboy Bill Schwindt. The first competition to be organized took place in August 1949. Since then, its practice has spread, in addition to the USA and Canada, to Australia and Europe.
To the pride and joy of its inhabitants, El Camaguán has already established itself as a sporting power in taekwondo. Likewise, basketball and court and sand volleyball are sports activities that are unique to the area and are widely enjoyed there.

Within the framework of activities related to social and environmental responsibility, Agropecuaria La Unión supports the sports activities that take place in the surrounding towns, also ensuring that they are carried out by simultaneously putting into practice environmental measures, that guarantee the care and preservation of the natural environment where they are practiced.